Getting back on the train

From the “I’d forgotten all about that dept.”…

So I was checking some dates on old posts and came across a link to an article in Slate talking about the Madrid bombings which picked up a blog post I’d written:

“Cataspanglish at Slow Spain remembers the grim day three years ago: “Students of the company where I was teaching in Tres Cantos were on some of those trains that were blown up and that day and the days and weeks that followed were completely surreal. I was living in Lavapiés and the world’s press and secret service agents were virtually camping outside my door. I had lived the IRA campaigns as a school kid but this was far bigger and on my doorstep and watching the events unravel was one of the strangest times of life. I had to get back on those trains the following week and like many others, I didn’t have a happy ride.”

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