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A return to pre-industrial communities?

During his talk yesterday at the Jornada Euroecom, Joost van Nispen mentioned that somebody (sorry, I don’t remember who) has said that what is happening on Internet is a return to a pre-industrial community in the sense that your reputation has become your “brand”. The net is also creating bespoke products which had previously been lost in the process of moving to mass-production. Any opinions???

Ricard Espelt has now posted an English language version of his rundown of the event.


Writing this on the iPhone on the way back to Lleida from the Jornada Euroecom organized by ACC1Ó, a new initiative by the Generalitat to promote innovation in business.
The event was aptly summed up by a question after one of the speeches when somebody asked for advice about a start-up instead of all the examples given about big companies. As usual the structure of the event was old school while talking about innovation and web 2.0. ACC1Ó should realize that events have to be 2.0 as well. The speakers had a wealth of experience, but the format was that of “experts” dispensing knowledge instead of getting down & dirty…

See The Plate is Hot for a rundown on the event by Ricard Espelt (in Catalan).

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