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21st Century Deception

When I was a kid I believed the future would be a tech paradise….
Standing in chaotic queue at the hospital, everybody crammed into a small space to keep their place while the seats are empty becuse there is no turn system
Why can’t the doc do this – he’s sending me to another doctor -why can’t he do the appointment from his computer instead of sending me to the disorganised queue for appointments
Holding 3 copies of the same paper – paperless office anyone? The paper has a sticker with a bar code…
Health centre and hospiital computers not linked so my old address appears from Barcelona – trivial but what about records in an emegency situation?

Please, please, please let Google organise the health adminstration because clearly the administrators now DO NOT KNOW HOW TO…

notes for a post, written on the iPhone from the Hospital Arnau in Lleida